Recent Praise for Imani Uzuri and for her NEW album The Gypsy Diaries:

“With a voice that would sound equally at home on an opera stage or a disco 12-inch, Uzuri is a constant surprise on record, seamlessly combining jazz, classical, country and blues motifs into highly personalized compositions.” 
- Carol Cooper, Village Voice

“gorgeously chesty ruminations” 
- Steve Smith
The New York Times

"Ms. Uzuri creates a tapestry of genre-smashing music that bridges nations."
- Candace L., Okayplayer

"the stellar new sophomore album [The Gypsy Diaries] by singer-songwriter Imani Uzuri, is all about journeys: both the shock of the new and the self-reflection that happens when you set off for someplace different." 
- Ebony

 - New York Magazine

"an inspiring soulful presence" 
- James Nadal, All About Jazz

"the songs often build to an unexpected, epic grandeur." 
- Alan Young, Lucid Culture

"You will definitely want to check out vocalist Imani Uzuri...she teams up with a group of kindred souls to grab into the red clay of the earth and let it ooze through her fingertips."
- George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

"The multi-influential work [The Gypsy Diaries] encompasses Indian, blues, gospel, Afro-pop, Eastern European, and East Asian elements that bring a sense of class, soul, and dignity to the world of music. This is world music at its best!" 
- Matthew Forss, Inside World Music

"transports listeners through time and space"
- Jennifer Williams, Ms. Magazine

"[Uzuri] never fails to mesmerize audiences with her narcotic blend of...ethereal sounds."
Time Out New York

- photo credit Petra Richterova